Reflections on COVID-19

By Chisomo Kalumula

The water will recede

I recently had a moment of reflection where I took a bit of a break and was able to identify some key things I have been able to appreciate throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic. The fact that each one of us has been personally affected or know of someone personally affected by COVID-19 has brought about these resolutions. Without further ado here are my reflections:

  1. Relax: As we live in the information age. There is an overload of different information from different sources with regards to COVID-19. While it remains a challenge to find authenticate certain information it is recommended that we take information from reputable and legitimate sources. It is important that we carefully analyze the information before forwarding to others as certain news can cause undue panic and stress. While it is really hard to stay out of touch in these times but it is really important to share credible information with others. Even as we receive this information may we look at the silver lining which is the number of people recovering in the middle of the pandemic. May we shift our mindset and have a hope that this too shall pass. Let us be positive people
  1. Rest: The current restrictions as a result of COVID-19 have reduced the need for travel and as such opened up the doors for us to rest. While the world seems to be turning upside down and we have no idea what to do. It really wouldn’t hurt to get some rest. I am a morning person but have had a lot of time to rest and recharge thanks to the travel restrictions. I believe the same can be applied even to those among us who are night owls. They too have been able to adjust their sleep patterns in line with the pandemic. It is very important that while we have the time now we should take some few moments to rest to refresh ourselves. Who knows maybe rest is the thing we have been missing out on the most.
  1. Reflect: While the current argument is on whether this is the end or not. The current pandemic presents us as people the opportunity to take stock of our lives. To review some of the life choices we have made and if need to be to realign ourselves. Personal reflection is a very important aspect of self-esteem and self-awareness. People who are able to take these moments usually develop a better idea of their belief systems with regards to the larger popular opinion. 
  1. Read: If there is one thing the pandemic has given us is the opportunity to gain new knowledge and insights particularly from literature. This would be a good time to read that book you have always wanted. With the current restrictions, it is quite possible to read books and gain knowledge. After all, “good readers make great leaders.” So take your time and read a variety of books within and outside your preferred subject matter interest. A little knowledge wouldn’t hurt right now.
  1. Reconnect: COVID-19 has not spared any of us. The probability is rather high that we know someone personally or otherwise that has suffered from the virus. We know of others that have passed on from the virus. This is one of the best opportunities to offer some hope and encouragement to others around us. Though we may not be able to meet physically a phone call or text message wouldn’t hurt. With the overflow of information no one wants to be alone. Everyone needs someone to lean on. Even if you do not have it all together but your presence, appreciation and words of encouragement will make a difference. Be a COVID-19 buddy to those around you and show some love when you can.

These are some of the reflections I was able to make during this COVID-19 period. I honestly hope that you will be encouraged and offer hope and encouragement to others. I sincerely hope, you know that this too shall pass and together we will defeat COVID-19.

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