Back to the chromebook where it all began

So the other day I came on here after I had given  a presentation in my masters class about myself. One of the things I mentioned is that I have a blog. And to my surprise, I got a notification informing me that the blog has been alive for 2 years. It’s crazy that 2 years ago I was an unemployed human who thought of starting the blog to pass the time. I occasionally feel as if 2020 did not happen or perhaps my brain refuses to accept that time does not stop for anyone. My 2019 memories are fresher and better than my 2020 ones or maybe because of what we went through in 2020 I feel as if it never happened. Too much was taken from us and it will take years of unpacking for us to understand the year that was 2020. Nevertheless, it has been 2 years of running this blog and the ambitious goal that was to publish every week is nowhere near fruition, ha! but if anything, running this blog has given me a glimpse into how easy it is to make a plan or start something. Executing the plan or continuing a project is another matter entirely and clearly this is one area of improvement that has been marked down for this new blog year. To get away from the bleak, running the blog has introduced me to the wonderful crew that is Afrobloggers, among other things. This community has opened up my world in a lot of ways and I find myself interested in what is going on in other countries apart from my own. I remember a while back, I had challenged myself to read a book from each African country and while am yet to do this (my books to read backlog expands by the minute it seems),  being a part of a community that is Pan-African has helped me to have a peak at this continent of ours and one thing I have learnt is that we are all basically the same in as much as we are different. The Afrobloggers month end meetups are one thing I have added to my barely existent social calendar. Clearly, there are social benefits to this blogging thing. Another positive that has come out of this blog is my passion for writing. I am not a master of this craft yet, but whenever I sit down and manage to string a few sentences together, I see a Booker prize in my future. So what can I promise in this new year of blogging? More content, easier said than done, I admit but I will give it my best shot.

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