Over a year ago, I went on a work trip that took me all over Malawi, from the North to the South, during this trip, I took lots of pictures of the places we went to, the places we ate and slept at. I thought of creating a food and travel diary which could also act as a guide for folks who might find themselves in these places and might be looking for places to eat or sleep. I titled this series the Great Malawian Food Trip as it shall be a running series that will be added to as I explore more food places across the country.


The southern most district in Malawi and the hottest, Nsanje is a hidden gem and basically just miles of beautiful road. When lunch time came around, we were really apprehensive about our food options and took a chance on this place. I ordered rice with beans, beef and veggies and I was not disappointed. Not only was the food good but it was served on time. I was impressed and if I ever find myself in Nsanje, this is where I am having lunch.

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