How is your 2022 going so far? Mine is going, lol. I am happy to report that some positive returns have popped up in other investments but financially we are still stagnant so we definitely need to work on that. One of the things that I am trying to maintain this year is momentum. To not lose sight of the goals that I set out to achieve at the beginning of the year. Becoming complacent is very easy and then you watch the days go by and wonder what happened to the time?

So how am I keeping myself accountable? By writing down what I want to achieve and setting up a planner of sorts. On the first day of this month, I sat down and typed up some goals I want to achieve this quarter and come June 30th, I hope I will have achieved them. Another thing I am practicing is maintaining a positive attitude. It is not easy I assure you but it does go long way. Also do not be too hard on yourself, this is helping me a lot this year.

For a long time, I have struggled with the kind of social media presence I would like to have because I am not a huge fan of posting photos of myself or loved ones online. And lately, I have found myself questioning if one can maintain a blog or an online presence without social media and it’s a delicate balance. So after some deliberation, I decided to rebrand my food instagram page into a general page where I can share posts or links related to the blog. This way, I can keep my personal instagram private and only for those I know personally. I find the online world a tricky one to navigate as there is always a delicate balance between sharing and oversharing but one of the amazing things about growing up is that you learn to figure out what you are comfortable with.

I have also found myself struggling with what content I can write about as I do not have a specific niche so it has been tricky. However, I think I am slowly finding my way around this and might probably stick with my new posting pattern. I would also like to plug in the Afrobloggers community. The monthly meetups we have are very eye opening and a great learning experience. For anyone interested in being a part of this community, do check out their website and socials.

Lastly, I am wishing everyone a happy new month and quarter, may you sustain the momentum you started the year with and keeping checking on those goals, adjustments are allowed, we are only human!

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