Hello Friends welcome to Day 12 of #WinterABC2022. Today, in continuing with the theme of stories of awareness. I wanted to promote the female creatives in the Malawi Music industry. In an episode of the Something Radio podcast, a Malawian pod that focuses on the Malawian creative arts scene, a guest talked about the minimal female representation at Lifest, a musical festival that was held in Lilongwe last October. He highlighted that female musicians need to promote their music more. In talking with a few friends about Malawian female musicians, the consensus was that most of our female musicians do not release music consistently with the exception of Kim of Diamonds. So, I thought I would in my own little way promote them by curating a Spotify playlist of Malawian Queens. This is a public playlist that will be updated regularly. Unfortunately, I could not find some artists on Spotify and only managed to include those that I could find on the platform.

This playlist is a fusion of different genres and features the likes of Kim of Diamonds, Nyago, Keturah, Sangie and Ritaa.

A playlist featuring Female Malawian Artists will be updated regularly

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