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In the first post I wrote on the blog this year, I talked about my plans for this year and what I hope to achieve. I figured with the start of July, we have entered the second half of the year, I should take some time to analyze how I am doing and if I am on track to get things done by the end of the year.  I have always loved the idea of getting away to somewhere quiet where I can work and get things done. However, I have discovered that as long as I have deadlines looming over my head, I can never truly relax. So one thing I already know that I need to do is get my to do list down to zero and plan a proper vacation.

Planning, this is still a work in progress but I recently planned how I was going to spend a weekend and what I was going to buy and I am proud to say that I followed through. I think it was easier because it mostly involved fun but I was proud to have stuck to a schedule.

I have not had any sources of income the first half of the year, so I have not had to wait 72 hours to make a purchase. However, I have noted that I am easily carried away when it comes to spending money on fun things such as events, hiking adventures etc. So I definitely need to rein in on the fun expenditures, need to plan and budget for these as well.

I need to read more both for academic purposes and for leisure. Reading definitely helps with writing so there is a good chance that most of my remaining posts of the year will be book reviews. I just finished reading You made a fool of death with your beauty by Akwaeke Emezi. I will be posting a book review soon.

Sometime in April, I created an excel spreadsheet to track my bank transactions and this helped me figure out where most of my money had gone. This also helped me have a clear picture of the things I spend money on and I hope to rectify what needs to be rectified and invest where I need to invest.

On developing patience, I have been doing better and I have to say I am impressed with how much work I have been putting on applications and the like. Even with no feedback, I have still been steadily sending job applications instead of throwing in the towel.

My birthday is coming up and I have been depositing some money in my birthday bank. I have been wondering how best to spend this money and being the foodie that I am, I will most likely treat myself to some fancy dinner or something. We will see.

I am yet to submit any writing for publication this year so I hope I can do that before the year is out. However, my participation in WinterABC2022 was very helpful on the writing front, I challenged myself to attempt the writing prompts, and I was able to write most of them.

In keeping with my plan to not buy clothes this year, I have so far held up that deal with the exception of the purchase of two pairs of socks in line with winter. It has not been an easy winter! I do not know if I will last until the end of the year but fingers crossed.

I am definitely having fun this year and I think the biggest highlight of the just ended half of the year was the hiking trip I took to Mulanje Mountain and making it to Sapitwa, the highest peak in Southern Africa.

I hope you are all achieving the plans you set out for this year as well. Wishing everyone all the best!

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