2023 Section 1

I think it is safe to say that 2023 has officially begun with March now in full swing. As I wrote in my last post, consistent blogging is something that continues to elude me but the least I can do is try than not try at all. I have not posted any content since the year began due to a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is that I have been wrestling with myself about the type of content I should be publishing as I am yet to find my niche. I was also struggling with my priorities as I have been working while also doing school. I felt that writing would be a waste of time as I have more important things to do and bigger problems to solve. But as I have found, it seems writing does help to sort out my scatter brain and I need to embrace it instead of putting it aside. It is quite tough to have thoughts in your brain and then push them aside because you do not feel that they do not deserve to see the light of the day. I have struggled with seeing myself as a writer because I always thought that writers needed to be a certain way or have certain traits. And yet I find myself have written over 40 pieces since this blog began 3 years ago.

So what next? Write some more. Whatever content I put out and whether I do not find my niche. I will keep writing. I did not write down any new year resolutions this year but one of the things I wanted to stay way from was social media. I have failed at this already, so now my only way of ensuring that I at least honour this is by limiting the time I spend on the apps. As of today, the only account I am yet to log into is my Twitter account. But I have spent time browsing things on the app. I was on Instagram earlier today and it occurred to me that I was busy looking at what other people are up to instead of putting in the work. I have also noted that since I am on a Twitter break, I spend so much on News websites. I think this is an attempt to fill in the hole left by not having Twitter. As a result, I am still in the same loop. Which is what has made me decide to dedicate more time to reading books. This way, maybe I can stay on topic instead of browsing multiple topics.

I am wary of making more resolutions as I do not want to get disappointed come December but I will say one thing, I will keep on writing. Happy New Year Folks!!

2 thoughts on “2023 Section 1

  1. With or without a niche, write.

    I personally have thoughts on the Will Smith slap that I have put aside for a year now because they are not my niche. Chris Rock’s special is making me wanna reach back and put the thoughts on paper.

    A niche can be limiting (Denzel’s words). Here’s to more random articles.

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