Of new beginnings

If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring in a folding chair

Shirley Chisholm

I must confess that when I started this blog, I thought that the writing would just come to me every week and I would have a new post. Well, it is much harder that I thought, but this year I have promised myself to explore every idea or thing that I think of. I recently moved to a new neighborhood and in as much as it is exciting, it is also daunting when I think of all the new places I will have to know. New market, new bus route, new church, etc. Moving has also convinced me that procrastination is hereditary. I seriously think this needs to be studied or if it has, I need to read about it. Last Friday morning, I needed to do some Mpamba and Airtel money transactions so I headed out to do this and sort of explore the new neighborhood. At the first shop, I was only able to do the Mpamba transaction as they were low on Airtel money. I am still trying to learn about how these two mobile money applications work. Since I will start delving into technology on the blog this year, I might do a special on this, will call it “tnm mpamba and airtel money for dummies.” I surely cannot be the only one who does not understand these two. So, I headed to the main market which is a bit of a distance from the house. On my way there, I noticed that almost every woman I met had a Chitenje or skirt on.  This was slightly alarming as I was wearing a pair of jeans and this city has a hostile history when it comes to women wearing trousers. I kept walking but kind of realized that I sort of stuck out like a sore thumb when Kabaza operators kept asking if I wanted or needed a ride. I finally found a shop that did Airtel money and whilst at the shop kept looking around to see if any other lady was wearing a pair of trousers. I noticed one but she was on a Kabaza, which sped past. I did my transaction, actually had to leave the money at the shop as the shopkeeper needed someone to cash out first before she could send the money (one more reason to do this mobile money post). I left K10,400 with a shopkeeper with an assurance that she would send it, I have to say, maybe Airtel money might restore public trust in this country after all. I started walking home, then a car went by me and one of the guys in the back, put his head out the window and stared at me for a bit. It was an interesting walk for sure, and I did not think it would be of any significance until I started writing this piece. There is a lot that could be mined from this story but what I am going to focus on for now is how I can use it for this new decade we have started. Walk into this new decade with whatever ideas or plans you have even if you are the only person doing it and everyone might stare at you like you’re crazy. Just do you and live life on your own terms. If I had turned back around to go back to the house to put a Chitenje on, I would’ve wasted precious minutes and would have been submitting to the patriarchy, lol. I am planning a lot of articles for the blog this year, will be touching on different stuff such as events in Malawi, book reviews, african politics, historical figures and a personal favourite, technology especially in relation to healthcare as this is also my profession. Wishing everyone an awesome new year and decade, and accomplish those goals you’ve set and are yet to set. GET TO WORK!!

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