For advocacy week, I have decided to focus on mental health and well being. I have aptly titled the week, somewhere decluttering to mean that there is a lot of unpacking to be done. To say that I have been existing in a mental health crisis since 2012 would be an understatement. Why 2012? Something traumatic happened to me, I failed medical school and was academically withdrawn. It was only last year that I realized that I am still not yet ready to talk about it publicly. I have been in survivor mode mostly since then and occasionally I wonder if I will ever be whole again but sometimes it feels like it was a blessing in disguise that I failed because it set me free from people’s expectations. Overall, it has been a journey full of self doubt, incredible highs, and painful lows. Someday when I have fully dealt with it I will write about it but for now I am still on a path to healing. Journalling has been my saving grace over the years and occasionally I will read my previous journal entries and I laugh at what I thought was important or who I thought I loved(lmao). I muse on somethings and think that maybe perhaps I should explore more about them. I have been wary of going to therapy after an experience with a counsellor left me more confused than before I went to see her. I attended an event last year where one of the speakers talked about therapy not necessarily involving a therapist but a loved one we trust and can confide in and hopefully helps us resolve our issues or make peace with them. The other day I was on Facebook, and I saw two posts about dangerous comparison is and in the age of social media, this can’t be said enough. I hope to write about this as well. I have a few thoughts that I want to share throughout the week. Let’s hope I do better this week in terms of posting.


  1. There is a lot of unpacking to be done. I first struggled with depression in 2011 thereabouts. But it was one of those off again – on again episodes. Then in 2019 it moved in as if to stay. 🤦🏿‍♀️ Still navigating those waters day by day.

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  2. Comparison is also what I advocate against. I feel like a lot can be done if we can stop comparing ourselves with other people

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    1. Exactly, so much more we can do, we are all unique in our own way and have something to contribute to the world


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