By Chisomo Kalumula

I have finally completed another 525 600 minutes and here is my reflection for the past few 525 600 minutes.

I have learnt that I am pretty old now. My life has truly turned out differently. 10 years ago I was very young and foolish and not sure what my future looked like but here I am today. A miracle dude with a lot of purpose, much older and not too sure of the wiser part but really old.

I have further learnt that time is in constant motion and will not by any means wait for me. This reflection has taught me that change is the biggest constant and necessary. Soulja Boy is no longer a popping artist but that’s not the point. On the other hand with change there is a lot of room to rebrand and learn. So here’s to learning and rediscovering.

I am also beginning to learn alot about people and myself. My least favorite seasons are being broke and being owed money and the one thing that these seasons have taught me to do is to learn how to communicate better on expectations and disappointments. I guess the one thing that tends to ruin a lot of relationships besides money isn’t that they won’t pay you back but communicating my expectations from those owning me and those I owe. The lack of communication should be easy for someone with a degree in Mass Communication but it just ain’t easy.

I have also learnt that Instagram and LinkedIn are just peer pressure for young professionals/people because eeh yall doing big things out here. Congratulations I celebrate all the great news but unfortunately for me, my social anxiety and envy tend to creep in thereby putting pressure on me. I honestly appreciate and celebrate with my friends and acquaintances when they do well because ka celebration ain’t wrong but the issue is now when I put too much pressure on myself to outdo them. I honestly don’t know why.

I have also learnt to truly celebrate the achievements of others. I don’t think I have an inner circle but a lot of acquaintances to celebrate and each and everyone of them is winning everyday. Don’t be a promoter of Karma. Like why? Seriously don’t live a life hell bent on celebrating the downfalls of others just because you aren’t in good books. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Another thing  when the opportunity presents itself is to learn to fail. Take that risk to develop that skill you are passionate about. You will most likely fail but at the end of the day you will learn a different way of not doing it. Be innovative. As Bruce Lee would say, be smooth like water always ready to go the path. (At Least I think so)

Finally here’s my final reflection,when the opportunity presents itself please take a moment to spend with your loved ones. While you are indeed working hard to prepare for the future and give them a good time. Nothing beats time spent with you, as you are. So whenever you can spend time with family don’t just be about the hustle. Life is indeed short and in its fragility. It wouldn’t hurt to spend a few of the 525 600 minutes with those you love. Nothing fancy, just your presence.

looking forward to next 525,600 minutes

Those are my reflections for today. (Sidenote 525,600 is the number of minutes in a year. I actually got the idea from the song Seasons of love from the rent movie soundtrack. The story behind it is just amazing.)

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