Of January 2022

Last dusk of January 2022 overlooking my current home

Hey y’all! General January as known to most, has finally come to end! I have to say it’s been a pretty fast January on my end. I am back in class full time and occasionally I find myself questioning what I am doing here but after a recent class meeting with the Executive Dean, I realized that it’s a matter of figuring out where I fit in and what it is I love when it comes to Biodiversity and Health Informatics, so perhaps February End, a concept note might be within (ayee!!). Telekom Networks Malawi(TNM) has finally given us unlimited monthly data bundles and I am using the 20,000 kwacha one to write this post and it feels pretty great. Apart from school, I have done a couple other things:

Books I’m currently reading:

  1. In Every Mirror She’s Black- Lola Akinmade Akerstrom
  2. The New Tribe – Buchi Emecheta
  3. At Night All Blood is Black- David Diop (Bookclub selection)


1.Drive to Survive- Netflix: As a lover of Formula 1, fast cars, and drama, I have not been disappointed. Season 4 and 5 are definitely going to be juicy, if you know, you know (wink, wink).

2. Greatest Events of World War 2 in Colour-Netflix: Watched this 10 part doc within a space of 4 days and all I will say is that the World has never been normal and will never be normal.

3. Call My Agent-Netflix: One episode in and I am hooked. Also, I want to go Paris.

4. The Men’s Club- YouTube : One of my best YouTube discoveries this year! (Thanks Twitter!) I love seeing African productions and Nollywood has truly elevated the game.

5. The Harder They Fall- Netflix : Made time for a black western and I was not disappointed. I wrote a review and you can read it here.

It was truly a great month for TV and blog posts, this is my fourth post in January, a record! Overall, it has been a great month and I look forward to February being even better, I am going to put more focus into my school work so do not be surprised if my next few posts are about Biodiversity Informatics and One Health. I am just a girl, trying to finish her Masters degree.

Lastly, be intentional with your goals and work towards them otherwise you will find yourself asking what happened and where did the time go?

Happy New Month folks!!

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