Leave your past in the past, or it will destroy you. Live for what today has to offer, not for what yesterday has taken away

— Author Unknown.

So my first post is what finally pushed me to create this blog. I  was outside the house drawing water in one of the basins as the water pressure had been going down and I was afraid that Lilongwe Water Board was about to bless us with some dry taps. I was looking around the yard, thinking about my state of unemployment when I decided to grab my phone and take a few pictures of the Lemon tree we have before I knew it, I was taking some pictures of the Avocado tree we have. The picture uploaded on here is one that I had thought of taking a while back. You see, I love sitting under that tree and when I was away from home, I often thought of that tree and the glorious afternoons I sat under it. The light green leaves give me hope of beautiful things that are still to come, they remind me that there is beauty in this world, we just need to look for it. That Avocado tree was planted either right before we moved into the house or right after we moved in, I have seen it grow from a precious fragile plant to this gentle giant that blesses us with fruit, its progress makes me realize that everything we do requires time and patience. I remember when we would take tea bags and apply them to the soil surrounding the tree in the hopes that it would grow and frankly the concept of tea bags as fertilizer/manure is something that still baffles me but my mom firmly believes in it and since it works, I have no qualms about it. The tea bags I underestimated helped to give me my favorite tree and I am grateful. In whatever you do, always put in effort, never underestimate anything or anyone for they might surprise you by being the pillar of strength you lean on and support you when no one else will. As I write this, I also realize the need to apply this to my own life, I need to start doing the things that I think might not be helpful for who knows, they might be the things that push me in the right direction. Recently, a friend encouraged me to apply for an internship program but I was reluctant because I have heard the pay is too little and in this Madando economy, who wants to be broke, but he said, it’s the experience that matters and you know what, the pay might not be the best, but who knows what doors it will open. So in closing, water those precious fragile avocado trees in your life, they might just become your favorite tree, a sight that gives you joy and provide some beautiful shade when the beautiful African sun decides to be mean.

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