Missing Old Faithful

Being back in my parents’ house has brought me a certain peace of mind to the extent that I have gained kilos in places I would rather not, my mtibu seems to have expanded and I do not appreciate it at all. As I was pondering on what to do to lose this weight and bring out my hidden Victoria’s Secret model body, I remembered Old Faithful. When I got my job in Louisiana, I was so excited and being the terrible planner that I am (working on this) I thought everything would work out as it does in the movies but it did not. One of the things that proved tricky was my transportation to work, my office was located in an area that was not serviced by public transport, the bus route was the next street over and I would have to walk the rest of the way. Walking would have been a problem since there was no pedestrian walkway and as Louisiana is blessed with abundant rains during winter as well as hurricane season, getting to work would have been a nightmare. And this is how Old Faithful entered my life, I bought Old Faithful for $28 at the Goodwill store, moving to Louisiana had drained my finances and I did not have much money for a brand new bike. Being the netizen I am, I decided to scavenge the internet and scout second hand stores within my neighborhood to see if there could be a catch. So on one very hot and sunny Sunday afternoon, I ended up at Goodwill and lo and behold, in the back section, there was Old Faithful waiting for me. I knew I had found my bike, it had flat tyres, but everything else was in working condition. After pumping those two tyres up and spotting no leakages, I took it home. Old Faithful worked like a charm and soon on the bus and at work, I became known as the girl with the bike. One day when I was at the bus stop after work waiting for the bus, the name Old Faithful just came to me, I knew I had heard or seen that name somewhere but looking at my bike, it just fit, it was old but it worked. I could tell it had been around for ages, the rust, worn out seat and faded paint job pointed all this out clearly. Whenever I was on my bike, I felt a sense of adventure, like I could move to Argentina and live comfortably even though my Spanish is strictly what I have learned from Narcos and Jane the Virgin, which should tell you that I know more Spanish cuss words than necessary due to the former. When I was pondering on what type of helmet I should buy, I wanted to get a skater type of helmet because it looked cool and I possibly toyed with the idea of getting a skateboard myself, I still would like to learn to skate some day. I still remember the rush of adrenaline I felt every morning as I raced from my apartment to the bus stop in time to catch the bus and it’s funny now because I miss it. You see Old Faithful was also part of my exercise routine. The first day I rode Old Faithful to work I was out of breath!! I had to stop twice and barely made it to the gate. A week later I would breeze past the gate like a Tour de France participant (am still shocked that women can’t participate in this competition, like seriously!!). Anyway, Old Faithful was there though thick and thin during my Louisiana days, even when I had to replace the front tyre and worn out seat, I knew it would be ok. In the entire time I owned Old Faithful, the cost of maintenance was less than $100, for something so old, to be such a cost saver taught me to never underestimate anything. Perhaps, we can apply the story of Old Faithful to our lives, we are never too old to try anything or to continue doing something. Let us not look at age and see incapability, let us see the capability, experience, beauty and grace that comes with age.

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